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jueves, 11 de febrero de 2010

Yo amo Mahahual

SERVICIOS TURISTICOS RUIZ COSTA MAYA SA DE CV is a new and exciting tourism company created by a young entrepreneur who has long been instilled with a spirit of enthusiasm for his work, as well as with a far-reaching vision for the future of the port of Mahahual. The creator of this business enterprise foresees that the port of Mahahual will become nationally and internationally known, a vision formed when he first visited this heretofore little-known paradise located on the coast of Quintana Roo. Possessing a restless spirit of curiosity to find the absolute most perfect locale for his tourist business, the owner immediately fell in love with this magical place that is rich in both culture and history. Thus was born the name "Yo amo Mahahual"(I love Mahahual). with webpage

Servicios Turisticos Ruiz Costa Maya Sa De CV includes all of the services that Mahahual can possibly offer. Not only is the company equipped with the knowledge and experience which is needed to help prospective tourists organize and quickly implement a plan of travel, but it will assure those wanting to visit Mahahual that every attention to detail will be given to make this visit the most worry-free, affordable vacation possible. Nowhere else can the tourist enjoy the widest variety of attractions coupled with the best rates possible.

Our goal, expressed via our website,, is to integrate all services such as transportation from different cities and ports around the Peninsula of Quintana Roo, whether it be various airport terminals, bus stations, or offering private services to and from these points to Mahahual. To make the location and route of travel more accessible, our company provides a selection of maps that our prospective visitors can use to choose the route most attractive and feasible to guide them through the network of national highways. To aid our international visitors, we provide our information in several different languages.

In addition to providing the most adequate means of transportation, another of our goals is to provide the tourist with a number of beautiful and hospitable hotels, and an alluring array of restaurants, which specialize in local cuisine, as well as a variety of international cuisines. Furthermore, our company provides a variety of tours, including snorkeling adventure, scuba diving, fishing trips, archeological tours, and ecoturistic tours as well. To enhance the selection of amenities, cars, golf carts, bicycles, kayaks, and wave runners will also be available for rent.

All in all, our principal objective, together with that of our business partners, is to ensure that our visitors have a totally pleasant, exciting, and memorable experience which allows them to discover ultimately all of the features that make this beautiful port so special, especially when compared to other ports, and ultimately to make them fall in love with Mahahual themselves, saying long after their visit, “I love Mahahual”.

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